on March 10, 2012
Was any of the numerous suspects actually the Whitechapel serial killer himself or maybe none of them were..? I guess the world will never know Darkness I took a "ripper" tour in London with my mom years ago - very cool - still don't know who he was ... A royal? Thought he was clever Doing harm to many women But in the end, dead stripper He's at the Gates, rejected, sinner The Whitechapel murderer Rack the Jipper

Jack the Ripper 


on February 29, 2012
A Smiling Happy Ewok Great musician Umpa Loompa Other things I'm clueless about A cat in a bag in a river ...... T-Rex from "Meet the Robinsons". "I have a big belly, and little arms" lol rather large really big guy. A cocky Munchkin

Cee Lo Green reminds me of a .... 


on February 13, 2012



on February 8, 2012

Follow the lines 


on January 31, 2012

Guess what it is 


on January 26, 2012



on January 21, 2012



on January 10, 2012

GOLD! ??? 


on January 6, 2012

Xmas Pix 


on December 27, 2011
Smiles are infectious ,try smiling when talking to others and others shall smile back :-) :) (: like yawning are contagious Warm the heart. Are contagious. :) It's easier to fake a smile than it is to explain why you don't feel like smiling  I love smiles more than the sneers of the self righteous. ) :-) :)) :-() ;-)

Smiles :-) 


on December 18, 2011
Ex: yellow taxis. They're just not the same if they're a different colour. And I like classic red some colors just look silly pink for instance just doesn't work for any car, in my opinion and red fire trucks Muscle cars can't be pink and chick mobiles can't be black. Yellow fire trucks are easier to see I agree completely. Candy Apple Red for sports cars. I'll never forget the first yellow fire truck I saw. Blew my mind, love it, but red is classic. I'm sorry, I actually really don't care about cars nor their colours... Red!!!! Any car can be painted any color you like. Statistics say lime-green/yellow firetrucks are safer.

Certain cars can only be certain colours - why? Also what's better: yellow or red fire trucks? 


on December 16, 2011

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