What is Jagimo!?

Jagimo! is the mobile social network that plays like a game. Share ideas and photos in a real-time, spontaneous, game-like environment with people from around the world.

Toss a jagimo—random people catch it and add their own ideas and photos. Catch a jagimo—you have five minutes to retoss. Race against time trying to be as clever and creative as you can. tap "Sleep" and Jagimo! will not toss to you for eight hours.


  • You can just jump in! Lurk, toss, or socialize. Everything is public so go ahead and browse.
  • You can stay anonymous or share all your info. It’s no big deal.
  • You don’t have to "friend" or follow anyone.
  • No one knows who follows whom, so there's no social pressure to follow someone back.
  • You can connect with people in different countries and the easy-to-use translation feature helps break down language barriers.
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Following in Jagimo! is different than in other social networks. If you follow someone, you are more likely, but not guaranteed, to catch a jagimo they start. And when you start a jagimo, only some of your followers will catch it. When you ignore someone, you will never catch a jagimo that they start and they will never catch a jagimo you start. However, it is possible that you both catch a jagimo that someone else starts.

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Because jagimos are started and caught by random people who could be from anywhere in the world, Jagimo! offers translation services. If you catch a jagimo with a topic in a different language, you can translate the topic into your own language with one tap. Similarly, if a jagimo is retossed in several different languages, you can easily translate all of the tosses at once with a simple swipe-down motion. The translation service automatically detects the languages used in the jagimo and the language of your device.

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Change colors

Double-tap the home screen to customize the color scheme of your Jagimo! with the color chooser. You can also access the color chooser from Account > Settings.

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When you are ready for a break, just tap "Sleep" and Jagimo! will not toss to you for eight hours. When you open Jagimo! again, it will automatically wake up, or you can tap the Wake Up button.

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