Certain cars can only be certain colours - why? Also what's better: yellow or red fire trucks?

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    Manhattan, NY 10019, USA on December 16, 2011
Ex: yellow taxis. They're just not the same if they're a different colour. And I like classic red some colors just look silly pink for instance just doesn't work for any car, in my opinion and red fire trucks Muscle cars can't be pink and chick mobiles can't be black. Yellow fire trucks are easier to see I agree completely. Candy Apple Red for sports cars. I'll never forget the first yellow fire truck I saw. Blew my mind, love it, but red is classic. I'm sorry, I actually really don't care about cars nor their colours... Red!!!! Any car can be painted any color you like. Statistics say lime-green/yellow firetrucks are safer.

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  • knah on December 16, 2011