Jack the Ripper

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    Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal on February 29, 2012
Was any of the numerous suspects actually the Whitechapel serial killer himself or maybe none of them were..? I guess the world will never know Darkness I took a "ripper" tour in London with my mom years ago - very cool - still don't know who he was ... A royal? Thought he was clever Doing harm to many women But in the end, dead stripper He's at the Gates, rejected, sinner The Whitechapel murderer Rack the Jipper

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  • blondie on February 29, 2012

    The best theory I remember is that whoever it was moved to America and that’s why the crimes stopped & he/she wasn’t caught…as i mentioned in my jag perhaps it was someone in the royal family or someone else with great power who was able to cover their tracks -

  • knah on February 29, 2012